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After Work Drinks in Fitzrovia

Find the perfect location for after work drinks around Fitzrovia

Art Galleries and Museums in Fitzrovia

Discover an extensive collection of fascinating and beautiful artwork and exhibitions on your doorstep! Fitzrovia has many wonderful galleries and fascinating museums for you to explore - you may even find a unique piece to take home!

Coffee Connaisseur

If you love your coffee, Fitzrovia is the place for you. Find the best, unique places to have great coffee.

Cool and Quirky Retail

Explore Fitzrovia's wonderful and unique small retailers, where big and small retailers all #Fitz together

EAT - A Day Out in Fitzrovia - Food and Drink

Whether you're looking for a quick breakfast bite, a light lunch or a three course meal and after dinner entertainment, Fitzrovia has a wonderful range of venues to choose from.

Famous (and Infamous) Fitzrovia

Fitzrovia has a rich, and bohemian history and cultural feel, and was home to various historical figures such as Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf, and boasts monumental architecture and landscapes. Learn about and discover the area's unique, and sometimes scandalous, stories and the people and places that made Fitzrovia what it is today.

Fitzrovia Homeware Flagship Stores

Fitzrovia is lucky enough to host a number of incredible homeware flagship stores. A flagship store is the lead store in a retail chain acting as a showcase for the retailer. Normally the biggest, most impressive store in the retail chain. The focus is on experience and creating a destination store that people want to visit. Explore all the homeware flagship stores in Fitzrovia using this trail

Health, Beauty and Wellbeing in Fitzrovia

All the top health and beauty spots and offers to keep you feeling your best in Fitzrovia! From nails and haircuts to opticians and more find out more about what's available in the local area

Lunch Spots in Fitzrovia

All the best lunch spots and offers for when you want to treat yourself on a budget

SHOP in Fitzrovia

Shop in the vast array of shops on Tottenham Court Road, find everything from homeware, fashion, DIY, health and beauty supplies and gifts.

The Outdoor Dining Trial

Discover great places in Fitzrovia to enjoy a meal outdoors. From beer gardens to on strreet dining, there are lota of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Vegan Fitzrovia

There are plenty of vegan options now more than ever. Fitzrovia has many vegan restaurants/ cafes and venues with tasty vegan options. You'll be spoilt for choice with these delectable delights.