Soft Plastics Recycling

Did you know each week on average 66 pieces of plastic packaging go unrecycled* in every household?

‘Be fantastic recycle soft plastic’ encourages individuals and businesses to change behaviours around soft plastics, making it easy to recycle them at our official recycling destination or at participating workplaces.

*Source: Statista, February 2024

Get involved

Marks & Spencer Foodhall on Tottenham Court Road is our official recycling destination, which has a free-to-use soft-plastic bin for the general public and individuals who would like to dispose of their soft plastics responsibly.

Just take your soft plastics to M&S Tottenham Court Road and look for the recycling bin at the entrance.

If you work in Fitzrovia, take a look at how your business can get involved.

What are soft plastics?
  • Plastic bags (e.g. frozen food bags, bread bags, shopping bags)
  • Seals (clear film from salad boxes, sandwich boxes, top of food trays) 
  • Wraps (Bakery food, household items, beauty items)
  • Pouches (plastic used for food and household items)
  • Cling film
  • Bubblewrap