The ladies behind this organic cold pressed juice bar are Chantal, dedicated to all things juice and nuts, and Lucy who oversees the food. We asked them to recommend the products that could help us to keep on partying and to tell us their reasons for putting down Roots in Fitzrovia.


Roots Juicery
1 Charlotte Place, W1T 1SA

What’s so special about cold-pressed juices?

When you extract juice and fibre from vegetables and fruit by cold pressing, you retain a much higher concentration of nutrients. Slow pressing and crushing means that the produce stays cold and ‘raw’ whereas centrifugal juicing with a fast-moving blade tends to heat things up and that damages nutrients, live enzymes and antioxidants such as chlorophyll.

You’re not just about juices though?

No, we also sell cashew and almond milks, a delicious alternative to dairy milk, as well as breakfasts, lunches and sweet treats. Think avocado chilli smash on toast, squash and tahini salads and raw brownies. All our food is organic and made daily on site.

What is it that really motivates you?

We are both passionate about high quality organic produce that is seasonal and locally produced. We also love working with independent, local businesses, which is refl ected in the shop interior and the outsourced products. And we dislike waste! Return your glass juice or milk bottle back and we’ll give you 20p off your next juice.

Why did you decide to open in Fitzrovia?

We love the area and it was our first choice for our flagship store. There’s a great community feel, amongst local workers during the week and at weekends when we meet more residents. All the other independent restaurants and cafés made it a natural fit for Roots.

And do you have any favourite local places?

Do we have to pick…? Salt Yard is delicious, especially the courgette flowers stuffed with goats cheese. And anywhere dog-friendly, so we can take along our resident Parson Terrier, Pinto.