Formidable Fitzrovia Women – Rebecca Hossack

We celebrate today’s Fitzrovian women who have pursued their ambition,to reach the highest levels in their careers and fields.

Formidable Fitzrovia Women – Rebecca Hossack

Rebecca Hossack Gallery
2a Conway Street
Fitzroy Square

Rebecca Hossack is a Fitzrovia gallery owner who focusses on Aboriginal and western art. She lives and works in Fitzrovia. She set up her first own gallery in Fitzrovia, in March 1988, and now has galleries in London, New York and Miami.

The gallery has just celebrated its 32nd year and has built an international reputation. Her gallery was the first in Europe to feature Australian Aboriginal art. She is married to Matthew Sturgis, a historian and biographer.


Tell us about your career journey and any highlights

This year marks the 32nd anniversary of the opening of the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery. Over the course of three decades the gallery has built an international reputation for innovation, individuality, energy and excellence. I was also the first Conservative Councillor in Bloomsbury for over 20 years.

Tell us about a working day for you

My working day is about 20 hours long! Usually in a different country every week. Every day is completely different, and every day is really exciting. I like to spend time with my fabulous team in the gallery and meeting amazing artists all over the world.

What advice would you give to women at an earlier stage in their careers?

Work hard and be nice to people.

What advice would you give on what NOT to do in your career?

Do not assume anything and do not feel bad for not knowing anything…one day you will be master of the universe!

What woman/women inspire you?

Julia Gillard, ex PM Australia.

All the amazing women in my gallery team.

My friend Karyl Nairn who is an amazing lawyer who won the biggest law case in legal history but is still kind and sweet and looks like a movie star as she takes on the big boys.

What are you still learning, or planning to learn?


What are your hobbies?

Embroidery and guerrilla gardening, riding my bike and reading voraciously.