Fitness First’s Chloe Gill, Health & Fitness Manager, offers some timely advice on looking our best and staying in condition for the festive season and beyond.


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In the run-up to social events including summer BBQs and Christmas

Achieving a flat stomach

Assess your diet and cut down on excess sugars and refined foods that may cause bloating. Ensure you are eating enough, at times which suit your training schedule, and drink plenty of water. Work on increasing your metabolism: building muscle by incorporating weights into your training sessions and including HIIT style cardio training.

A balanced weekly routine for all-round toning

Fitness First’s signature FGT (Freestyle Group Training) product features five different classes focusing on five different fitness disciplines: Strength, HIIT, Core, Power and Basics. There’s a minimum of two of these per day and all combine cardio, resistance and plyometric training for the best results.

Coping with the hectic social schedule

Get your daily training done as early as possible. This will set you up, so you’re more likely to make healthier choices. Have a light meal if you’re going somewhere where there will be canapés and snack food. It will help you resist temptation. Or choose the healthier options and avoid sugar filled cocktails and soft drinks.

Over the holiday period

A workout for survival

Staying active is vital and 15 minutes exercise a day is the absolute and achievable minimum. Fitness First has a range of 15 minute Freestyle classes with no booking required. These are fun, high energy and varied and the workouts will blast your whole body. Once you’re familiar with them, you can even take them home with you.

Practice moderation

Don’t let Christmas turn into a week of binge eating. Enjoy the things you love but keep an eye on your alcohol and sugar intakes and remain focused on your end goal.

Top tip: Stop eating once you’re full, not when your plate is empty, and monitor portion control.

Once it’s all over

Staying motivated

Cold, dark mornings can be difficult, try going for a lunch session. Make training part of your working day so it becomes routine and doesn’t eat into your spare time.

Top tip: Eat more beetroot – it’s one of the most effective natural energy sources.

Getting back on track

You may have put on a few pounds over Christmas but don’t give up. Make a commitment by joining a gym or health club or renewing your membership (doing it with a friend will help you to stick with it). And don’t let your hard work go to waste by eating a rubbish diet.

Top tip: Focus on short and medium term goals. It makes achieving your final ambition a lot easier.

You’re not alone

Fitness First classes cover all needs and abilities and the friendly and approachable staff are on hand to help. Find yourself a gym buddy or make friends with someone at the gym. It’s much easier to keep attending when you’ve promised someone that you will.

Top tip: Take progress pictures. They are great way to monitor your progress, showing you changes you might not notice in the mirror.

Make it personal

Our signature app for members can help you to create personalised workouts and exercises. The app will even create them for. All you have to do is answer four multiple choice questions. Each workout comes with instruction videos and training tools and the personalised dashboard lets you manage your diary and track your progress, so you can get the full benefit from every visit.

Why Fitness First?

Fitness First in Tottenham Court Road is a Tier 1 flagship club, delivering exceptional service and a range of top facilities for all fitness preferences. For a more holistic approach, we have a Mind and Body studio with classes such as Hot Yoga, Pilates and Body Balance. For ‘pushed-for-timers’, we have FGT and Freestyle classes. For those who just want to unwind, we have a relaxing spa area and low lighting swimming pool. For those interested in strength and conditioning training, we have an extensive weights area with an Olympic weight lifting platform. We also offer rehabilitation and physiotherapy services and highly qualified personal trainers.