Coffee, Cake
& Kisses

Coffee, Cake & Kisses, a new fusion concept, is ‘shop warming’ at 54 Warren Street. We caught up with the founders Sonia and Amanda Cassidy to learn more about it and how they celebrate bonds between people and explore all aspects of relationships, with oneself and others.

The place that
makes you go ‘mmm

4 Warren Street,

Coffee, Cake & Kisses, a new fusion concept, is ‘shop warming’ at 54 Warren Street. We caught up with the founders Sonia and Amanda Cassidy to learn more about it.

Tell us a bit about yourselves and the business.

We have been around the London coffee scene for over a decade. Back in 2003, we were among the first ones to bring the fusion café, shop and gallery concept to the UK serving single origin coffees, which was a rarity at the time. Now, we have set out to bring another kind of a fusion to the high street – celebrating bonds between people and exploring all aspects of relationships, with oneself and others.

We have part-funded it with Kickstarter and made it to the top of London’s projects “by magic”. We were number 1 out of 2,696 crowdfunding at the time.

What can we expect?

Coffee, cake and kisses of course! And other things to make you go “mmm”. Currently, cards and events, with books, gifts and a deli to come. Things to tease tastebuds and stimulate the senses, and to help enjoy both the carnal and the cerebral aspects of life.

Being a place for relationships and love, Coffee, Cake & Kisses is modelled on a home. There’s an accessible kitchen-style ground floor where you can just pull up a chair and enjoy as you would your own – it’s unique as it’s been designed to accommodate not only any wheelchair-bound customers but also staff. A lounge and studio/ meeting room are being built on the lower ground which we hope to make accessible also as there is a shortage of fully accessible spaces in Fitzrovia (subject to funding – sponsors welcome).

So how are things going?

We are still ‘shop warming’ and on the ground floor only – what you see is just a taste of Coffee, Cake & Kisses with much more to come.

The main relationship for us to work out at the moment is the one with our own premises! We have had three unrelated floods in the basement, so things are taking longer than planned. Meanwhile, we welcome feedback and are enjoying working things out in collaboration with our customers and our growing community. Don’t forget to leave your email, so we can invite you to the launch party when we have dried out and fitted out!

What’s on the menu?

Arabica and Robusta coffee, from Monmouth and Black Sheep respectively. So, any drink comes either ‘smooth’ or ‘strong’ (Robusta has nearly twice the caffeine of Arabica). Or, for a more leisurely experience, you could go for a cafetière of artisan single-origin coffee. We also have speciality loose teas (check out the Almond Roobois, Peppermint Fennel or Liquorice from Tea Studio).

Our cakes already have quite a following, with indulgent homemade brownies flying out of the store. We also have a range of gluten and dairy-free cakes, from rustic to lush. Other foods include buffet-style lunch, with sandwiches, soups, quiches and salads, unique in the area (beetroot, walnut and goat’s cheese quiche is a favourite).

Everything is freshly made, either on the premises or by our baker and chef friends, several of whom were Kickstarter backers.

What made you choose Fitzrovia?

Great vibe. Good footfall. Good mix of people.

What are your favourite eating and drinking places?

We have a micro-partnership with our neighbours, ‘Bang Bang’, so we head there for noodles. The lovely people at ‘Honey & Co.’ won our hearts by turning up with flowers when we opened to wish us luck. ‘Prince of Wales’ for a Friday night drink and to chill out. ‘Ben’s House’” to compare notes on running an artisan coffee house in Fitzrovia!

Describe Fitzrovia in three words.

Friendly, funky, fun.