Jane Sørensen, Store Manager at BoConcept, Tottenham Court Road, explains the thinking behind the firm’s new range.

Living Smarter

158 Tottenham Court Road, W1T 7NH

“Our DNA is Danish, but influenced by global, metropolitan trends. In 2016 the home will be the place where we recharge emotionally, so thoughtfulness, slowness, soft values are all key. The aim is multi-functionality and mobility. Living smarter.

This season’s collection features rich materials in dusty tones, light and dark. The palette sweeps from pale to heavier stone greys. There’s a balance between hard and soft, light and dark, between different materials like stone and metal.

There’s also a retro influence in the blend of colours like light grey, red, dark coffee and brushed brass and an Art Deco feel from the botanical references in tones of green. A combination of dusty rose and dusty grey, with added brass, tells a particularly refi ned story.

My favourite piece…

I really like the Monza glass table with our Adelaide chairs. This follows a trend that’s very strong at the moment and the combination of glass, wood and metal is extremely sophisticated.

…and the season’s must-have

Great for collapsing on after a long day’s work or for relaxing with the whole family, our Fargo and Osaka sofas have proved very popular and have some great features.

Personally, I can’t wait for our new Copenhagen Wall System which is due to arrive at the end of February. It’s amazingly customisable, whether you need the full works with storage and room for a TV or just an easy solution for your library or home office.

Jane’s hot tip for a quick home make-over

Use throws, cushions and candles for a very Scandinavian feel. Using accessories, you can easily change the dynamics and feel of a room, and it’s cheaper than buying new furniture.”