Free & in Fitzrovia


How it works – Swipii Card in Store

  • Visit your favourite place to pick up a free card from the counter, in
    the colour of your choice. (Red, blue or green. What do you fancy?)
  • To register, scan your unique QR code on the back of your card in
    front of the iPad and enter your name and e-mail address.
  • Check your email and reply to verify that you want to start earning
    rewards with Swipii.
  • Every time you buy something in the participating stores, you will
    earn 5 points!
  • Each time you visit a specific store and swipe your card, you will be
    given an update of how many points you hold.

How it works – Download the app online

  • Download the free Swipii App for iOS or Android and press ‘scan’
    at the bottom of the page to find your unique QR code.
  • Check the list of participating retailers, restaurants, bars and cafes
    in Fitzrovia by pressing ‘nearby’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • When you buy something in participating stores, make sure you
    scan your QR code in front of the iPad at the counter.
  • Every time you buy something you will earn 5 points! You can see
    how many points you have collected under ‘My Stuff’ on your app.

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How to redeem your rewards

  • Every time you scan your card or app, Swipii will let you know if you
    qualify for a reward.
  • Redeem your points in store for a reward like a free coffee or keep
    saving for a larger reward. Trip to Barbados anyone?
  • If you choose to redeem your points, your total will be re-calculated.

Participating businesses in Fitzrovia

Andrew Jose Hairdressers; Beyond Bread; Brazilian Gourmet; Brodie’s; Charlotte Street News; Chi; Fish Bone; Fitzrovia Bicycles; Fowler 35 Hairdressers; Gigs Fish & Chips; Gitane Cafe; Kua’Aina; Pomme de Pain; Radiance Beauty; Sal Capone; Sicily Amo ice-cream; Tinderbox; The Old Dairy Cafe; Warren Street Sandwich Bar; Yumchaa

For location details visit the Shop and Eat directories.

Happy Swipiing!