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The Fitzrovia Partnership is working with Swipii, the UK’s #1 Customer Loyalty & Marketing platform. It’s a proven way to bring customers back more often, increase average spend and grow revenue.

Is your business interested in growing your customer base?

We believe that small, brick & mortar businesses should have access to the same big brand loyalty & marketing programmes used by the likes of Tesco Clubcard and Starbucks…at an affordable price. That’s why we built Swipii – winner of 2016 Best ‘Customer Loyalty, CRM and Personalisation’ award.



Let us show you how Swipii can help grow your business at no cost to you. Email the Team to register your interest.




How it works – Swipii Card in Store

  • Visit your favourite place to pick up a free card from the counter, in
    the colour of your choice. (Red, blue or green. What do you fancy?)
  • To register, scan your unique QR code on the back of your card in
    front of the iPad and enter your name and e-mail address.
  • Check your email and reply to verify that you want to start earning
    rewards with Swipii.
  • Every time you buy something in the participating stores, you will
    earn 5 points!
  • Each time you visit a specific store and swipe your card, you will be
    given an update of how many points you hold.

How it works – Download the app online

  • Download the free Swipii App for iOS or Android and press ‘scan’
    at the bottom of the page to find your unique QR code.
  • Check the list of participating retailers, restaurants, bars and cafes
    in Fitzrovia by pressing ‘nearby’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • When you buy something in participating stores, make sure you
    scan your QR code in front of the iPad at the counter.
  • Every time you buy something you will earn 5 points! You can see
    how many points you have collected under ‘My Stuff’ on your app.

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How to redeem your rewards

  • Every time you scan your card or app, Swipii will let you know if you
    qualify for a reward.
  • Redeem your points in store for a reward like a free coffee or keep
    saving for a larger reward. Trip to Barbados anyone?
  • If you choose to redeem your points, your total will be re-calculated.

Participating businesses in Fitzrovia

Andrew Jose Hairdressers; Beyond Bread; Brazilian Gourmet; Brodie’s; Chi; Crescent Cafe; Fish Bone; Fowler 35 Hairdressers; Gigs Fish & Chips; Gitane Cafe; JOVA Cafe; Marsicano; Pomme de Pain; Radiance Beauty; SicilyAmo; Tinderbox; The Old Dairy Cafe; The Gentlemen Baristas; Tomatillo; Warren Street Sandwich Bar; YO! Sushi

Happy Swipiing!

For location details visit the Shop and Eat directories.