Get That Glow With T2 Teas

As we know, the New Year always brings with it a fresh sense of optimism, a desire for cleaner living, and a luminous radiance that can only come from within. GLOW is T2 believing a ‘better you’ lifestyle is easier than one thinks. They want to show how easily and effortlessly T2 tea fits into a ‘better self’ routine.  

That’s why they have introduced an exclusive edit into their store on Tottenham Court Road focusing on core ‘health’ teas like Detox and Relax as well as launching brand new feature teas. We’ve noted a few of the these teas and all of their delicious qualities.

Get Up & Glow

It’s all systems go with this energetic blend of yerba mate, guarana and dandelion root. Initial berry flavours are tempered by a slightly sweet, cocoa-loaded hit. A brew that’ll have you ready to tackle just about anything!

Fresh Start 

Kick off the new year with this crystal clean brew! Loaded with peppy peppermint, euphoric eucalyptus and dapper dandelion, this blend is the perfect sip to accompany those noble new year’s resolutions.

Blueberry Blaze 

With stacks of sweet blueberries, earthy herbaceous sage and satisfyingly nutty gen mai cha, this sip is perfect in the depths of winter when only a cosy, warming winter brew will do, but you’re keen to keep your clean vibes on track.

T2 Tea – 25 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 1BJ